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How do I wire a 9840 load cell indicator connector?

Interface offers a wide selection of indicators to cover many applications and here is the basic connection details for the 9840 which is one of the most popular units for calibration grade applications.

9840 Intelligent load cell indicator - 9-way D-type load cell connector

  1. Excitation - High/Positive
  2. Sense - High/Positive
  3. Cell Output/Signal - High/Positive
  4. CellOutput/Signal - Low/Negative
  5. Sense - Low/Negative
  6. Excitation - Low/Negative
  7. Auto ID - A
  8. Auto ID - B
  9. Chassis Ground

Please contact us directly for details of the wiring for the other connectors.

Search with "What are the Interface load cell wiring colours?" for details of the most popular wiring/cable colour conventions.

Last updated: 19 Jul 2011

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