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How do I wire the standard Interface PCCx indicator enclosure connector?

The Interface DFI05L digital load cell indicator is optionally offered with the PCCx enclosure which provides a rugged casing for protection of indicator(s) and connecting wiring espcially the mains voltage power supply leads. The rear panel provides an IEC style switched connector input and the load cell connection is via a standard D-type 15-way female connector (Male mating connector required for fitment to sensor). The wiring is as follows.

  1. Positive Excitation
  2. Positive Signal
  3. Negative Signal
  4. Negative Excitation
  5. No connection
  6. No connection
  7. Logic input - Common #07
  8. Logic input - CC.1 #08 {Tare}
  9. Positive Excitation
  10. Positive Sense
  11. Negative Sense
  12. Negative Excitation
  13. No connection
  14. Logic input - CC.2 #10 {Reset}
  15. Logic input - CC.3 #09 {Peak/Valley}

NOTE.1: The DFI05L requires 6-way sense wiring so links should be fitted between pins 9-10 & 11-12 when wiring for 4-way.

NOTE.2: To enable the front panel buttons for TARE, RESET and PEAK/VALLEY a link should be fitted between Common (pin 7) and pins 9, 15 & 14 respectively.

This information is designed to cover both the Mk1 and Mk2 style devices.



Last updated: 10 Jan 2012

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