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Which Interface mating connector do I need? #1

This chart details the mating connectors for the most common Interface force & torque sensor products.

Mating Connector MFG Number Mates with Application/Notes
Interface Mating Connectors
MC-001 PC06A-10-6S PC04E-10-6P 1000, 1100, 1200 Series
MC-002 PT06A-12-8S PT02E-12-8P Gold Standard Load Cells & Simulators
CN-203 PC04E-10-6P PC06A-10-6S Load Cell look-alike on cable end
CN-204 PC04E-10-6P(SR) PC06A-10-6S Load Cell look-alike on cable end
CN-206 PC06A-10-6S(SR) PC04E-10-6P Load Cells with Screw Connector
CN-207 PT06A-10-6S(SR) PT02E-10-6P Load Cells with Bayonet Connector
CN-208 MS3106A-14S-6S MS3102X-14S-6P UMC600 Indicator
CN-209 PC02E-10-6P PC06A-10-6S Box Mount looks like Load Cell screw type
CN-210 PT01A-12-8P(SR) PT06A-12-8S(SR) Gold Cell look-alike on cable end
CN-212 DE-9P DSUBMIN DE-9S 9840 Indicator Load Cell Input
CN-213 PT02A-10-6P(SR) PT06A-10-6S(SR) Load Cell Bayonet look-alike on cable end
CN-224 BINDER N/A 7-Pin Options conn. for RD6
CN-225 BINDER N/A 12-Pin for RD6, RD3, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 & T12 (>19Nm)
CN-226 BINDER N/A 6-Pin for TS11 & TS12 (>19Nm)


Last updated: 12 Jun 2014

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