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How do I wire and setup my AMTI Gen5 amplifier for common excitation?

AMTI model Gen5 6 channel amplifier.

Some AMTI sensors use commoned excitation to reduce the cable size to fit smaller body sizes and in some instances a thinner cable helps with routing in more compact installations. The standard sensor design has 6 individual strain gauged Wheatstone bridges requiring a total of 24 cores and this can be reduced to 14 cores by commoning the excitation.

Wiring: The commoned excitation connections are made to the Fx bridge which has sufficient current to drive all 6 bridges.

Setup: It is important to set internally the excitation voltage for the remaining 5 bridges to the same value as Fx as the signal output for each bridge is calculated using the sensitivity and the excitation.

Last updated: 26 Jun 2012

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