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How do I care for my XSensor Sensors?

XSensor Sensor Care and Storage

XSensor’s pressure mapping sensors are known for their durability, with some XSensor customers still using sensors today that are ten or more years old. However, to help ensure your sensors last as long there are a few basic tips to follow.

 Cleaning your Sensor?

If you need to clean your sensor, the best product to use is wet wipes. These ensure that enough moisture is applied to the surface to remove any dirt or unwanted marks. You can also use a damp cloth or a non-aggressive, trigger bottle type cleaning spray.

Whatever method you use, avoid any moisture pooling on the surface of the sensor. Moisture could penetrate the sensor’s surface, damaging the sensor’s electronics.  If you use a spray cleaner, please ensure that you wipe the cleaning fluid away immediately.    

Adjusting the Sensor when in use

If you notice unusual readings while using your sensor, these could be caused by an unwanted creases or folds in the sensor. To remove any creases or folds please remove whatever is exerting pressure on the sensor before re-adjusting.  Please do not pull or tug on the edges of the sensor while pressure is being exerted. This could stretch the internal structure of the sensor, possibly leading to damage.

Sensor Packing and Storage

To pack your sensor back in your system kit bag, please use the foam sensor protector provided.  Lay your sensor flat with the sensor protector open and to hand. You’ll notice that there is a slot cut into one end of the foam of your sensor protector, slot the sensor end of the sensor cable into this slot. Lay the cable inside the foam, doubling it back if required. Please ensure the cable lays flat.

You can now close up the sensor protector around the cable and secure with the Velcro straps. Once you’ve done this, roll the sensor around the sensor protector with as few creases as possible.  Your sensor is now ready to put back in the kit bag.

XSensor’s sensors are renowned for their flexibility, but please do not be tempted to fold them up for storage. Long term storage like this could damage the sensor’s internal electrics   

Last updated: 12 Jul 2012

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