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How to enable Peak/Valley on a DFI-05L load cell indicator

This is applicable to the standard DFI-05L MK2
(may vary if the MEM-08 option is installed.)
Assuming that the default conditions apply to the Logic Inputs it is necessary to link connection 7 to 9 (Common - CC.2) & 10 (Common - CC.3) to enable Peak/Valley (Max/Min) and Reset respectively.

With the Calibration Lock Switch is in the locked position the unit will operate as follows.
Press once -
Displays PEAK (MAX)
Press twice -
Displays VALLEY (MIN)

Returns to normal after
a short period
or Press a third time
Press for 3 seconds -
RESETS values of Peak & Valley
Press 3 seconds

Last updated: 01 Oct 2013


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